Missed connections - Charlottesville, Durham, Chapel Hill

We realized an important truth on this trip - it’s near-impossible to see and talk to all the amazing musicians in the world. Everywhere we went we found an awesome music community, and there were always “local” sections in record stores, posters and stickers, and helpful people to point out more and more bands relevant to our cause. Unfortunately, as with everything else, it boils down to not enough time, not enough money. So here are some rad people who we’ll hopefully cover on our next go-around. That doesn’t mean we should be keeping these to ourselves though. Check em out:


In the town where our patron saint David Berman first got together with Stephen Malkmus, both our awesome couchsurfing host and the good people at Random Row community bookstore pointed us towards town fixtures Jamie Dyer and the Hogwaller Ramblers 

Friends we met later on down the road clued us into Nettles

Durham & Chapel Hill

Durham and Chapel Hill very nearly gave us an anxiety attack with all the great music in town. If you’re ever in Durham, best check out Bull City Records and all these amazing bands we missed:

Mount Moriah  

Midtown Dickens (off the wonderful Trekky Records)

Phil Cook &  His Feat 
(of Megafaun, off Trekky Records)